You've got cellulite! What are you doing wrong?

Probably nothing. Keep reading, I’ll explain right away.

It isn't always about exercise. We've all seen female star athletes rocking cellulite on the track and they barely have any fat! It has to do with how our skin is structured. And by “our”, I mean women’s. Unfair.

As you can see below, when subcutaneous fat cells increase in size, they start pushing upwards, causing bumpy skin and outbursts of anger that peak during the summer. This can happen for a myriad of reasons, from a sedentary lifestyle, which stifles the lymphatic flow, to hormones (the female hormone oestrogen is involved in the process of collagen breakdown - making your skin saggy).

When there is little or no lymphatic flow, there will be more fats accumulating, making the appearance of cellulite even worse. This puts a strain on collagen strands, which keep it all together. Add oestrogen to the already weakened collagen and the results are... Well, we know what they are.


Well, a girl can do something to:

  • improve her lymphatic flow and circulation
  • boost collagen
  • block and burn fat cells


Slimming Gel will tone your skin, diminish fat wherever you decide to apply it, boost collagen and micro-circulation and prevent new fat from forming. But the gel doesn’t get very deep, if you’re just half-heartedly applying it with your hands. You need something stronger.

You need our anti-cellulite massager that will make sure the gel penetrates the deeper layers of your skin. From there, it will slow down fat formation, improve your circulation and smooth out dimples and bumps.

2x Slimming Gel + FREE Massager

A winning combination of our anti-cellulite gel and a free massager!

2x Slimming Gel + FREE Massager -58%

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