The draining diet - you may need it

The draining diet was created to help eliminate the excess water from your body. It's suitable for anyone with water retention problems, hormone imbalance or menopause. It's a low-calorie diet that helps your body towards optimal functioning.

Salt is one of main culprits for water retention so the draining diet is low in salt and contains foods with loads of fibre, water, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. It's full of fruits and vegetables in all shapes and form, including smoothies, soups and whole grain foods.

During the draining diet you stay away from foods that are very sweet, those with saturated fats (such as red meat, butter, cream, etc.) and, of course, foods high in salt. Salt causes water to linger in your tissues, making you look bloated and puffy. 

It should go without saying that any draining diet will not work without generous amounts of water to hydrate your cells and help your kidneys eliminate toxins from the body.

Less water retention, more fitness

Breakfast: 3 rusks with 2 teaspoons of jam (or honey), 125 ml of sugar-free yogurt and a cup of green tea. Alternative: a cup of barley coffee and fresh fruit juice.

Mid-morning snack: fresh fruit (cherries, plums, apricots or peaches) and a glass of water (drink before eating).

Lunch: various types of salad: rice salad with barley, spelt and wheat; carrot salad, 80 grams of pasta with tomato sauce, grilled vegetables, seasoned with herbs.

Snack: fresh fruit or an apple and carrot shake. Remember to drink water.

Light dinner: egg omelette, vegetable soup or 150 grams of salmon.

Drink water regularly!

TummyTox recommends Draining Drink:

The natural raspberry-flavored diuretic drink that:

  • accelerates weight loss
  • eliminates excess toxins and water (without eliminating essential minerals)
  • gives a sensation of lightness
  • eliminates up to 60% swelling in 1 week
  • cleanses your body
  • reduces cellulite

Draining Drink contains the patented ingredient CactiNea™, sarsaparilla, Java tea, parsley, artichoke, milk thistle, dandelion and red vine that facilitate the elimination of water accumulated in the body and prepare your body to get rid of extra pounds.

Put your favorite dress back on and slip into your jeans effortlessly!

How does Draining Drink work?

The product contains a combination of plant extracts that have a synergistic effec.

  • The patented CactiNea ™ ingredient that deals with weight loss,
  • Vine leaves improve circulation and help eliminate cellulite,
  • The dandelion eliminates the accumulated water and toxins from the body.

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