7 signs of Toxin Overload

Ever since you were concieved (even when in your mum's tummy), and up till now, your body has been accumulating toxins. Prevention and self-help are the best options when it comes to toxins. If you have one or more signs described below, your body might be overloaded with toxins.


 1. Chronic Fatigue

By that we mean the constant feelings of tiredness and exhaustion that don't seem to let up even if you're getting enough sleep. Do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning? Does your dose of coffee seem utterly ineffective? This might point to your liver, one of the most important detoxifying organs, are overloaded and can't get around to eliminating all the toxins. Consequences of toxins hanging about in your body are diminished immune system function and deficiency of minerals, vitamins, enzymes... 

 2. Inability to lose weight

When we're following a healthy diet and still can't lose weight, the culprit lies in our bodies - accumulated toxins. They are (among other places) stored in fatty tissues - they can do the least damage from there. The solution - detox (probiotics, fasting, minerals, vitamins, enzymes).

 3. Bad breath

Do you have unpleasant breath even though you're brushing your teeth diligently? If your dentist can't find any gum inflamation or tooth decay, you likely need to detox. Toxins don't just change gut flora, they also change mouth flora. Bad breath is the consequence.

 4. Constipation

If you don't have at least one bowel movement per day it means you're constipated. Toxins that upset the balance of gut flora affect defecation too. A lazy bowel contributes to additional toxins that put a load on our bodies and get absorbed into our bloodstream instead of being elminated.

 5. Sensitivity to scents

Scents are made of chemicals, so sensitivity to scents, be it perfumes, cleaning products, air fresheners or laundry detergents, is another sign that your body is overloaded with toxins - especially if you get a headache right after smelling them.

 6. Sore muscles

We're not talking about muscle soreness you experience after working out. This soreness happens seemingly out of the blue. The reason is most likely by toxins accumulated in your muscles and joints. They can cause chronic inflammation - and that hurts.

 7. Irritated skin

Acne, rashes, itching, red skin around the eyes, scaley patches appearing suddenly - bad signs. When the intestine, liver, kidneys and lungs cannot process all the toxins, they start being eliminated through the fifth detoxifying organ - the skin.

If you find yourself in any of these, it's high time to start a full body detox. Here to help you is our Draining Drink Bundle!

20 days of draining drink will cleanse your body off of those harmful toxins.

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